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September is National Service Dog Month, and we thought we’d take a moment to recognize all the different roles dogs play in our lives. For most of us, dogs are our pets, companions, and part of the family. Dogs play many other roles in our lives and in society. With many working dogs, it is important to allow them to do their job without disturbing them. If they have a ‘working vest’ on, refraining from playing with them or petting them is important to their training and safety. Here are but a few examples of some of the jobs dogs have. 

  • Pets & company

  • Seeing-eye dogs

  • Autism support dogs

  • Therapy dog

  • Bomb detection

  • Bed bug detection

  • Drug detection

  • Police dogs

  • Cancer detection/screening (bladder, kidney and prostate)

  • Avalanche & disaster search and rescue

  • Herding dogs

  • Guard dogs

  • Sled dogs

  • Homicide tracking

Dogs are some pretty amazing animals, so here’s a shout-out to all the dogs out there that make our lives and this world a better place.

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