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Wait, don’t go quite yet. I know you all want to be out there enjoying the dog parks and getting some exercise in today, but should we review some dog park etiquette before we go?

This month I thought I’d brush up on a few things we may be doing wrong when we bring our furry friends to dog parks. Bear with me and make sure you check all the boxes before you head out!

  • Entering the dog park: The dog park can be very exciting for some dogs, making them slightly more difficult to handle. So, a good tip is to exert a little control first and make sure your dog is calm before entering. That may require a little walk before going off-leash at the dog park.


  • Spotting aggressive behavior: Funny enough, most dog fights at the park happen because of over-stimulation when the playing becomes a little too rough, territorial, or timid. Ideally, your dog will have a good recall in order to prevent any awkward situations.


  • Separating bigger dogs from small dogs: Due to differences in size, abilities, and temperaments, bigger dogs can be dangerous to the smaller ones, even if they have the best of intentions. Make sure to keep the little ones safe at the park.


  • Toy stealing: When we bring toys to play with our dogs at the park, it is natural that other dogs will show interest as well. If there’s some toy stealing at the park you may need to be patient, and don’t ever attempt to get the toy back from a dog you don’t know, or even your own. Be sure to teach your furry friend to answer to a solid drop.


  • Harmful behavior: Remember that you’re always liable for your dog’s actions and behavior. Taking accountability is the most effective way to handle these situations.


So how do you feel about getting out there and enjoying the park?

Always bring tasty treats to reward your friend for their good behavior!

Have fun everyone, and if you need anything, do not hesitate to contact us at Leduc and Beaumont Animal Clinics. We’re always here to help!

By Dr. Alysson Macedo

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