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It’s been a temperamental summer so far, with thunder, heavy rain and winds being commonplace. Thunder and storm phobias are very common amongst dogs and can start a few hours prior to the storm even arriving. These dogs will often hide, tremble, act uneasy, pant, or a variety of other stressed behaviors.

There are a variety of things that you can try to help alleviate their stress. The thunder vest is available and works in some cases by providing a feeling of being held/swaddled. Other dogs respond better to either supplements or medications. There are some over the counter supplements that may help with mild cases of anxiety and phobias. For the more severe cases, consider discussing anti-anxiety medications with your veterinarian. Phobias (whether they be storm phobias or fears of other things) can worsen over time if not addressed and can cause undue stress and anxiety in our pets’ lives. It is best to address these behavioral fears and issues earlier, as they are more difficult to manage once they have become more severe. 

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