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The snow is gone and seasonal allergies are flaring up for those affected, some worse than others.  

Seasonal allergies can affect dogs and cats, just like they can affect us, and can present in many different ways. This can include sneezing, itching, rashes, and watery eyes. Ensuring that we differentiate between allergies and other causes of similar symptoms is important, as missing an infection or other underlying cause can result in further problems – some of the more serious than others. For example, allergies can trigger asthmatic flareups in some cats. These asthma attacks can be mild or severe and result in difficulty breathing and require hospitalization and intensive care in severe cases. 

There are many over the counter allergy medications for people, some of which can be used in animals and help with mild allergy symptoms. Please exercise caution when using these as dosing can vary, and animals can be more sensitive to some compared to others, and many of these products are combination products of multiple medications that can potentially be harmful to our pets. Please consult your veterinarian prior to using these remedies. 

With the emergence of spring and flowers also come bees and other insects. Insect bites/stings (from bees, spiders, and others) can cause severe reactions in some animals requiring urgent therapy. This may include swelling of the face, difficulty breathing, or ulcerative lesions on the skin which may slough over time. Seek veterinary attention immediately if your pet is suspected to be showing anaphylactic allergic symptoms.

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