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It’s Christmas time, and many of us decorate our houses for the season: tinsel, garland, trees, ornaments, lights, scented oil diffusers and more! foe cats and dogs alike these can pose potential dangers. If you know your pet likes to indulge and play with these, consider keeping them isolated from these objects or avoid them altogether. 

Lights – electrical cords and light bulbs don’t appear to be the most appetizing of objects, but to curious mouths, they can be a concern. Chewing on them can result in electrocution, burns in the mouth, skin, and in severe cases lungs as well. Swallowing light bulbs and wire can be of concern as well. 

Tinsel/garland – strings of decorations definitely add to the festive look of any room. However when ingested, string or long objects can cause obstructions, and even if not physically obstructing things, they can be what is known as a linear foreign body. Imagine when one of the strings on your sock comes loose. When you pull it, the whole sock bunches up. This is sort of what can happen to the intestines and requires immediate surgery.

Tree ornaments – these tantalizing sparkly objects are great fun to play with! Be careful of fragile ones that may shatter if dropped, as well as small ones that may become chew toys or be swallowed. 

Scented oil diffusers – some animals can be sensitive to scented oils and aromatherapy. Clinical signs can range from sneezing to runny eyes, rashes, coughing, wobbliness, and other neurologic signs. Make sure that your scents are pet-friendly. If you’re unsure, best to avoid them.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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